Tours and activities you can enjoy in the Monteverde area.

At our tour desk we will arrange everything for you, let us advise so you can make the most of your time.

There are many activities to enjoy here in Monteverde, mostly outside in the forests.

Hopefully if you are considering a visit to Monteverde you are looking for hiking, bird watching, the chance to see animals in the wild etc.

The top pick by far for Monteverde activities is visiting one or both of our Cloud Forest Reserves.
Both the Santa Elena and Monteverde Reserves offer about 7 miles of hiking trails.
You can drive to the reserves about 25 minutes away or we can arrange a shuttle or cab to pick you up right here.

You can go to the reserve and pay the entry fee, get a trail map and hike on your own.

Or you can pay extra and get a guided tour. We strongly recommend going with a guide. You will learn about the forest and have a much better chance of seeing birds and animals as the guides are in the reserves daily and are experienced at spotting things.

The guides also have a telescope which you can take pictures through with normal sized cameras. Keep in mind many birds and animals can be far away in the forest canopy so the telescope is important to be able to get a good view.

The Monteverde Reserve typically is best for birds and animals and features a great free hummingbird exhibit.
If you are sure you want a guided tour then having this arranged and reserved in advance is a good idea. You can decide on it when you arrive but it is better to set up in advance.  We can set you up in advance with a good guide for the reserve. Just let us know the date and type of tour.

There are two options for guided tours.   One is a semi private tour which starts at 7:30AM (you leave here at 7:00Am either driving or we will set up a taxi or shuttle). That is the cheapest. It is $17.00 per person plus the entry fee to the reserve which is $20.00 adult and $10.00 for kids.  Anyone who has a valid student ID should bring along. Not only to get reduced entry fee at the reserve but also for discounts on many other activities or entry fees.

The semi private tour can be with up to 10 people maximum.  Some times it is less and some times even ends up being private if the guide has no other people that day.

The other option is $90.00 for a private tour which is for up to four people. Additional people are $17.00 each.  With a private tour you can start earlier at 7:00Am or later. You can pick the time.  But early is always better for birds and animals.

Both tours last 3.5 hours and finish with the hummingbird gallery.
Payment for this is cash or credit card for the entry fee and cash (dollars or local currency at the exchange rate) to the guide after the tour. Tipping the guide is of course appreciated but not mandatory.

Other activities:

There are many other activities in Monteverde for you to enjoy.

Please note: There is no reason to reserve any of the following activities in advance. In our opinion it is best to wait till you arrive and factor in the current weather and the timing on all other activities in order to maximize your schedule. If you pay In advance for something and then the weather prevents you from doing it you may have a very hard time getting a refund.

We can arrange activities for you when you arrive including included transport with pickup here where offered.
Canopy tours: Also known as Zip Line tours, these are very fun and exciting. There are five to choose from and we can offer advice on each of them when you arrive.  These include transport. The canopy tour is the second most popular activity here in Monteverde.

Other area activities are:

  • Coffee tours
  • El Trapiche coffee and sugar cane tour
  • Night Tours
  • Frog Pond
  • Bat Jungle
  • Other area hiking trails such as Bajo de Tigre Children’s Rain Forest
  • Cheese Factory
  • San Luis waterfall
  • Horse Back Riding